With the rapid development of atmospheric science, computer science and all other related technologies, massive amounts of weather and climate data are generated daily and made available to the public. These data include conventional weather observation, weather observation networks for specific purposes, volunteer meteorological observation, multi-channel satellite image, radar image, various reanalyzed weather and climate change data, output of models for weather forecast/climate prediction and future climate change projection, etc.

Reanalysis, forecast and simulation data

    For most data users, it is a huge challenge to process or extract useful information from such multi-sources and large amounts of data to achieve their goals.DeepVisum has professional data scientists who have a strong background in weather/climate and have extensive experience in handling such large-scale weather/climate data.With the efforts of our scientists, DeepVisum has established a weather/climate big-data data-lake. Combining existing big data and new data, we can provide your bussiness with any relevant data services to meet your needs.

Historical Climate Observation data
Global Future Climate Change Projection and Downscled Local Data
Radar Rainfall Monitering Data